How to install SSH in AIX


Install OpenSSH in AIX 7.1.


First, you will need to download the OpenSSL and OpenSSH packages from this location:


Create a directory called install into the directory /tmp:

#mkdir /tmp/install

Copy the files to directory /tmp/install.

Uncompress the files OpenSSH_6.0.0.6200.tar.Z and openssl-

#uncompress OpenSSH_6.0.0.6200.tar.Z
#tar -xvf OpenSSH_6.0.0.6200.tar
#uncompress openssl-
#tar -xvf openssl-

Now install the openssl package:

#installp -ac -Y -d /tmp/install/openssl- openssl.base

Then install the openssh package:

#installp -ac -Y -d /tmp/install/OpenSSH_6.0.0.6200/ openssh.base

You can check the started daemon with the lssrc command:

#lssrc -s sshd
Subsystem         Group            PID          Status
sshd             ssh              3277032      active

If the daemon is not started, you can start with the startsrc command:

#startsrc -s sshd